Professional Team

Outside of the general business requirements, Paul handles all customer inquiries, proposals, color consultations, and design. He is available at all times to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.
Our crew members have a lengthy list of responsibilities that are fashioned to lend to your exceptional experience with Licari Painting. Our systematic approach facilitates the management of your project while ensuring that employee standards are met.


Paul Licari

Paul is the founder of the company and has been in the business 30 years. He's an overall great guy and a family man dedicated to the craft.

Louis Natanson

In House Carpenter
Louis is our hands-on guy. He handles all repair work and installations. With his skills and experience, you have nothing to fear.

Brian Banyas

Painting Lead
Brian is our head of painting and staining. There's nothing this guy can't do with a paintbrush! He's very skilled and excellent at what he does.

Join the team

Offering higher wages than many other entry level positions, on the job training, tools and supplies, paid time off, retirement benefits, and a supportive staff, Licari Painting is a great place to learn and grow! The training we offer will allow you to learn a valuable skill set that you will carry with you throughout your life. In addition to learning a trade, we continuously train our staff in customer service and social skills that are transferable to any future career that you may move into.
Call or text Paul today to get your questions answered or to schedule an interview.